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Irene Ginis, MD, PhD, Life Scientist Unique philosophy and practical guide for physical and mental wellbeing.

After badly breaking my foot followed by a complicated surgery where metal plates and screws had been installed I had a six month period of conventional rehabilitation based on “be patient”, “push it”, “try to overcome”. It initially worked to a certain degree and then the progress plateaued with no improvement during the past two months: swollen leg and pain after a couple of hours of walking. Then I was lucky to meet Igor Burdenko and learn about the Burdenko Method. It was an eye opener.
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Donna Robbins, artist When I first placed a call to the Burdenko Institute I was desperate. I wondered, would this be another dead-end or an answer to my prayers?

Throughout my life I took for granted the joys of being active, until now. I was starting to experience a gradual decline in mobility due to increasing difficulties with my joints. It seemed that every activity I tried would end up with some sort of repetitive stress injury.
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Luisa Guembes Buchanan, concert pianist My name is Luisa Guembes Buchanan. I am from Lima, Perú.

I am Concert Pianist and Musicologist with many years of experience as a concert and recording artist, lecturer, and teacher.

Afflicted by Poliomyelitis at the age of one, I spent a great deal of time compensating and managing my disability. Severe back pain became more frequent as I aged therefore I was unable to spend as much time as I wished in my profession and the quality of my life was seriously diminished.
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Allan Houston, basketball player Igor, You and your staff are blessing to me. Thank God that he sent me here. more info Marie-Christine Mouis, Boston Ballet ballerina To my friend, Igor, you are really the best of the best. Love, Marie-Christine Mouis

Marie-Christine Mouis, Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet
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David Pergola, hockey player David came to see Dr. Burdenko for his low back problems. His condition prohibited him to play with the team. He was sliding towards depression. After the first couple of sessions in the water his pain level went down substantially. This fact allowed David to start doing exercises on the land and continue exercises in the water. He mimicked different hockey movements in the water and on the land. Practicing on his own lifted his spirits and built up a strong belief that he can return to competitive sport and join his team back. Focusing on sport-specific qualities for hockey like speed, agility and strength gave David a lot of confidence and improved his performance on ice. more info Alexandre Despatie, solo and synchronized diver For my Friend, Igor. Thank you for getting me back on my Feet!!

I couldn’t have done it without YOU!! A Canadian hero, Alexandre Despatie has been a three-time world champion and two-time silver medalist in Olympic diving. Three months before the 2008 Olympics, he blew out the fifth metatarsal on his foot. Four years of preparation and training were suddenly lost and he fell into a classic depression; physically, mentally, and spiritually.
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Lin Dawson, football player To Igor, Best wishes always.

Lin Dawson,
New England Patriots, Football Player

Igor did not have any experience working with football players being in the former Soviet Union, because American Football was not practiced then. Lin experienced a lot of fatigue after games, and he was looking for a different approach for recovery. Stress reduction techniques like exercises, massage and meditation, created a desired synergy and helped Lin to reach his goals. What helped him too, was a lot of value that Lin put into Igor’s systematic approach for decompression of Lin’s body.
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Rick Burns, Founder and General Partner, Charles River Ventures ​I have always been an active person playing organized sports in high school and college and skiing, sailing and racquet sports after college, but in my late 20 while working and raising a family I had herniated disk in my lower back. Surgery, the accepted practice at the time, followed with very little emphasis on rest or physical therapy. more info Sebastian DeFrancesco, Paralympic Games After working with Igor, I felt my training had improved so much it helped me to win silver and bronze medals in table tennis in the World Paralympic Games.

Sebasian DeFrancesco,
Table Tennis Player, Paralympic Medalist
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Paul Wylie, figure skater Igor, Thanks for your incredible energy, enthusiasm and innovative spirit. You made it fun to rehabilitate or to train, and the results I got were amazing: flexibility, strength and fluidity. I think the unique combination of exercises and your infectious attitude helped the healing process. more info Claire McManus, Runner, Pharmacist ​I have always been active and I love running not only for reasons of fitness and the challenge of competition but because it is a great social outlet as well as an escape from stress. I enjoy the easy energy flow I experience when I am fully engaged in a run with complete mind/body focus. more info Carol Burnes The Burdenko method is more than an exercise, recovery, and fitness program -- it is an approach to life. One learns how one’s thoughts and beliefs can limit one’s performance. Igor offers techniques and practices leading to a fuller and more balanced physical life. more info Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic Figure Skater Igor, Thank you for your faith in me and for the help you have given me. I wish much happiness, good health and all good things to you and people you love. Allmybest! more info Bill Stern, Engineer I am an old runner. I mean really old. Igor Burdenko’s wonderful fitness training enabled me to keep moving into my 90’s, taking gold, silver, and bronze in the 2009 US National Senior Games in 90-94 age grouping. Thank you Igor. more info Lester Thurow, World-Renowned Economist, Professor ​In the race between conditioning and aging, conditioning can win if it is diversified and fun, as it is with Dr. Burdenko’s techniques. I am now 73 years of age and have been seeing him for 27 years! more info Sarah Lamb, Principal Dancer, Royal Ballet I have worked with Dr. Burdenko after a very serious injury that could’ve ended my career. His expertise, insight, intelligence and exuberance brought me back to the stage and to performing at or above the level before the accident. Thank you for giving me my life again! I’ve been re-born and will be forever grateful. With my love, Sarah Lamb. more info Merrill Ashley, Principal Dancer, NY City Ballet Dear Igor, I owe you so much! You not only got me dancing again when everyone else thought that it was an impossibility, but you taught me and extraordinary way to get and stay in shape – whether I am injured or not. Your method is the most effective, efficient, and fun way to exercise that I have ever found. more info Kevin McHale, basketball player ​These innovative techniques were both eye-opening and beneficial to my condition.

Kevin McHale,
basketball player, former Boston Celtics star

Kevin played next to Larry Bird in Boston Celtics for many years. Kevin fractured the bone in his foot.
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Myrna Freedman ​My name is Myrna Freedman. I’m a very active 73 year old woman with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I also have a sick husband who requires a lot of care.

I started working out with Igor Burdenko more than 20 years ago when I joined a class that was given at my local Tennis Club. I was always intrigued with the program that Igor was doing with this group of women and how fit they all looked. After a few weeks, I was keeping up with the group.
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Charles Laquidara, WBCN Radio Host ​Igor and Irina:
A good thing for me to have met you both!

Thank you,
Charles Laquidara

Charles’ personality is well known in the Boston area, because he was of one of the best DJs in the country and a prominent TV personality in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's.
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Esther Blank Greif, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist Working with Igor was life-changing for me. His exercises are innovative, safe, and even enjoyable. Unlike many other people Igor has worked with, I am not an athlete. Other than walking, I did no regular exercise when I began the program. Under Igor’s supervision, I began a variety of land and water exercises. more info Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler ED.D Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Health Psychologist, Board Certified Sports Psychologist and brain injury survivor As many of you know, I suffered with chronic pain and physical limitations. Thankfully, once I learned the Burdenko Method, within months, I was relieved of the pain and living my life again. more info