“Unique methodology of injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”

Myrna Freedman

Myrna Freedman

My name is Myrna Freedman. I’m a very active 73 year old woman with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I also have a sick husband who requires a lot of care.

I started working out with Igor Burdenko more than 20 years ago when I joined a class that was given at my local Tennis Club. I was always intrigued with the program that Igor was doing with this group of women and how fit they all looked. After a few weeks, I was keeping up with the group. After many years, I am the only one left in this group but I religiously look forward to working out with Igor or his assistant once a week. During the week, I continue to do my “Igor” exercises.

Igor’s method is very different from other trainers - I wouldn’t even call Igor a trainer. He is much much more than a trainer. He’s an expert in getting people who have differing abilities go beyond what they could have expected. I know that he has helped world class athletes who have severe injuries and also trains ordinary people who want to be as fit as possible and stay that way as long as possible.

His method is unique. He doesn’t use the ordinary machines that most trainers rely on. Instead, he relies on rubber tubing and other “helpers” to build muscles and to develop strength and balance. He employs a half roller for balance and agility. Water activities are a very important part of an hour with Igor. He employs a “Wet Vest” and always has different muscle building activities that he uses for pool work. When I travel, I continue to use Igor’s methods in a pool when I can. And, I use his land exercises whenever I’ve been away.

After having both hips done, I was back exercising in no time because of the work that I had done with Igor.

Igor has had a huge impact in a positive way on me! He always gives a nutrition and a spiritual content to every meeting. I’ve learned so much from Igor as far as eating and stress reduction. I can always discuss personal problems with him as well as get his opinion on different family issues. If I hadn’t met Igor, I know that I would not look or feel as good as I do. He’s expected so much of me and I’ve wanted to live up to his expectations.