“Unique methodology of injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”

Irene Ginis, MD, PhD, Life Scientist

Irene Ginis, MD, PhD, Life Scientist

Unique philosophy and practical guide for physical and mental wellbeing.

After badly breaking my foot followed by a complicated surgery where metal plates and screws had been installed I had a six month period of conventional rehabilitation based on “be patient”, “push it”, “try to overcome”. It initially worked to a certain degree and then the progress plateaued with no improvement during the past two months: swollen leg and pain after a couple of hours of walking. Then I was lucky to meet Igor Burdenko and learn about the Burdenko Method. It was an eye opener.

The Burdenko Method is not only teaching you therapeutic exercises, although Dr. Burdenko developed a multitude of unique land and water exercises stemming from success with hundreds of patients over decades of experience. The Burdenko Method presents a novel rehabilitation philosophy quite different from a traditional physical therapy approach.

It is based on a holistic approach appealing to your mind and body as a whole. It promotes healing WITHOUT pain and also teaches a healthy way of movement in general. Dr. Burdenko bases his principles on his own and others scientific research and understanding of a healing process. He emphasizes interconnection between the body parts, bones and muscles, mechanisms regulating their blood supply and the state of mind. Dr. Burdenko gives a scientific explanation for everything he recommends. He passionately wants to help you to heal, or simply to improve your stamina and wellbeing. The Burdenko Method energizes, inspires and motivates.

In his book “The Burdenko Method - Restore and Maintain Health With The Fitness Wisdom System of Water & Land Therapy” where Dr. Burdenko describes his philosophy and gives a practical guide for the recovery after injury, he presents many heart-warming testimonials about how the Burdenko Method gave the second life to those who already had lost hope including professional sportsmen and dancers.  In my case the message from Dr. Burdenko that “pain indicates the absence of healing” encouraged me to abandon my not very successful conventional therapy and I enthusiastically started to follow his instructions in the water and on the land. And after only few weeks of rehabilitation according to the Burdenko Method, I finally see progress.

IreneGinis, MD, PhD.