“Unique methodology of injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”
No Limits The Burdenko Method has NO LIMITS. Its principles are applicable to anyone from a senior citizen with arthritis to an Olympic athlete. More Info

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The Burdenko method is more than an exercise, recovery, and fitness program -- it is an approach to life. One learns how one’s thoughts and beliefs can limit one’s performance. Igor offers techniques and practices leading to a fuller and more balanced physical life.
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The Burdenko method

The Burdenko Method is an integration of the Six Essential Qualities of human movement for everyday life, fitness, and sport. This is based on the principles of Fitness Intelligence utilizing Water and Land Exercises in order to achieve optimum results in Rehabilitation, Conditioning and Training. We firmly believe this combination of the Water and Land exercise is medicine and can lead people to achieve their goals.


The Burdenko Method offers comprehensive programs to develop and maintain the human body’s capacity to perform while preserving muscle mass and mobility. Utilizing the Six Essential Qualities for everyday life and sport.
We have 15 unique and special instructional DVD programs for home use. Eight in the water and seven on land products utilizing many of the Burdenko Method’s equipment and techniques used in Rehabilitation, Conditioning, and Training.

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Our experiences and firm belief that Exercise Is Medicine has helped us create the Certification Programs for healthcare providers, trainers, coaches, teachers and sport enthusiasts who are looking for the most comprehensive Water and Land activities and training.  Upcoming Fall Certification can be found here

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The Burdenko Method uses unique, simple, effective and user friendly products that are reliable and true. Most of the products have been designed and developed by Dr. Igor Burdenko with the expressed purpose of having them utilized in the development of the Six Essential Qualities for everyday life and sport.

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The Burdenko Water and Sports Therapy Institute offers the ability to contact a Master Certified Practitioner in your area. These individuals have undergone years of training the Burdenko Method and have extensive experience and achievement utilizing its unique water and land exercises.

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Burdenko method in motion

Rings Above the Water for Upper Body Strength

Basketball Training in the Water

Sport-Specific Training for Baseball

Sport-Specific Training for Swimmers

Burdenko Belt for Training for All Sports in the Water and on Land

Sport-Specific Training for Gymnasts