Certification Program

The Burdenko Certification Institute was established to provide health professionals with a means of formalizing their knowledge of the BurdenkoMethod. The Burdenko Method is a unique, innovative system for rapid rehabilitation, conditioning, training, and injury prevention. It has been developed and refined by Dr. Igor Burdenko, Ph.D. over a period of forty years in both Russia as well as the United States. Many individuals, among them Olympic athletes, world-class ballet dancers, seriously disabled individuals, elderly persons and young children, have benefited from this original and extraordinarily effective system.

“Once in every few decades, a brilliant innovator makes a quantum leap in the way in which we can relate to, and care for, our bodies. Igor Burdenko is such a person. His genius lies in discovering the power of water to enhance health, accelerate healing, and prevent injury.” Dr. Andrew Geller, M.D., M.P.H.



The primary objective of the Burdenko Certification Institute programs is to educate individuals in the philosophy and techniques of the BurdenkoMethod, a novel way of using your body to optimize health and prevent injury. The Burdenko Method, uses a unique combination of water and land exercises to enhance conditioning, increase neurophysiological efficiency, and heal injuries. This is an active land and water program. All participants will be required to engage in water and land, and to practice teaching others how to perform the exercises.


Why Take This Program?

The BCI certification programs provide an opportunity to learn how to practice and teach this unique and highly effective system taught by its founder. Anyone who is interested in a cutting-edge approach to physical well-being, injury prevention, or rapid healing techniques will benefit from this program. This certification is meant to provide extensive knowledge rather than a simple framed diploma for health professionals who practice rehabilitation, conditioning and training using water and land modalities.


Who is Eligible to Take this Program?

The programs given by the Burdenko Certification Institute are open to all health practitioners who have had professional training in anatomy and physiology. The majority of our participants have been physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physicians, and athletic trainers. However, professional credentials are not our only criterion; we also take into serious consideration a person’s commitment to, and passion for, helping others, as well as their talent for doing so.

Learn – Practice – Teach

The process of learning the Burdenko Method involves a three-step sequence:

LEARN The student learns the philosophy of the Burdenko Method, and then is shown specific techniques that exemplify, illustrate and expand upon that philosophy. This learning phase is accomplished through written materials, demonstrations, and active participation.

PRACTICE Practice occurs in groups or in pairs, under the supervision of an instructor. Feedback is given by both the partner and instructors.

TEACH After learning how to perform a particular exercise sequence, the student is then asked to teach that sequence to his or her partner. Observations and corrections are given by both the partner and the instructor.

Upon the completion of the certification, all participants will be given a “hands-on” test.

Registration for Part 2 Certification Levels 4,5,6 May 19 and 20 2018

The Certification will be held at Bosse Sports 141 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury MA 01776

Download the following .pdf files and complete them and mail them to:

I. Burdenko
P.O. Box 590427
Newton, MA 02459, USA

IGOR Brochure 2018 part 2 V1

Registration insert May 2018

or call: (617)-467-4530 or (508)-333-4491


  • Organization and implementation of the programs consist of education in the Burdenko Method and practical application of it in rehabilitation, conditioning and training.
  • How to design and build therapeutic facilities including pools, treatment rooms, exercise areas, offices


  • Education in the Burdenko method through lectures and workshops on an international level at Aquatic Therapy Symposiums and Aquatic Fitness Conferences sponsored by ATRI, AEA, ACSM, and National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).
  • Seminars and workshops in your location national and international.

Who Has Benefitted from the Burdenko Method?

Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic Silver Medalist in Figure Skating

Oksana Baiul, Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating

Paul Wylie, Olympic Silver Medalist in Figure Skating

Rich Gedman, Former Boston Red Sox Catcher

Tim Duncan, Former Captain of the San Antonio Spurs and Five Time NBA Champion

Kevin McHale, Former Boston Celtics player and Three Time NBA Champion

Allan Houston, Former Captain of the New York Knicks 

Chandra Rubin, Winner of 7 WTA Tour Singles Titles

Chip Knight, Three Time Olympic Alpine Skier

Sarah Lamb, Prima Ballerina at The Royal Ballet in London

Merrill Ashley, Prima Ballerina at New York City Ballet

Alexandre Despatie, Olympic Silver Medalist in Diving

“Dr. Burdenko’s program is the best. It helped me to overcome pain and fulfill my goals in training.”

Oksana Baiul, 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist

“These innovative techniques were both eye-opening and beneficial to my condition.”

Kevin McHale, Boston Celtics

“The land and water exercises for rehabilitation and conditioning are the most effective, enjoyable, and safest ones I’ve ever done. I will do them for the rest of my life. He makes the impossible possible!”

Merrill Ashley, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet