“Unique methodology of injury prevention, pain management, rehabilitation, conditioning & peak performance training based on balanced water and land exercises.”

burdenko Education

At the core of The Burdenko Method business model is education of individuals related to Athletics, Leisure, Physical Therapy and Medical industries.


Master Certification programs including

  • Master Certification
  • Senior Master Certification
  • Grand Master Certification
All Master certification programs have specific enrollment pre-requisites. To apply, please follow the link.

Online Courses

The Burdenko Method, LLC provides variety of online courses in areas of physical therapy, athletics and leisure. Courses range in levels from introductory to advanced, and can be general, like "Fundamentals of The Burdenko Method", or specific, such as "Elite Athlete Conditioning Program". To search Online Courses, please follow the link.

Exercise Library (Members Only section - coming soon)

Exercise Library provides access to over 11,000 exercises based on The Burdenko Method to any individual or organization with membership in burdenko community. Individuals can submit new exercises and/or programs based on the Burdenko Method to burdenko Brain Trust for a review.

Customized Subject Specific Certification, Courses and Programs

This component of the burdenko educational curriculum allows burdenko organizations interested in offering programs based on the Burdenko Method to request custom-designed certification, courses and group programs to be offered to its own clients. burdenko’s “Brain Trust” working together with members of your staff designs and implements each element of the program. Upon final approval, burdenko will certify the organization's staff in newly created program and will provide a conditional license to the organization to promote, execute and generate revenues from the new offerings. To learn more, please send contact information through request form.

Customized Programs Inquiry

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